Yesterday rupee hit almost lifetime low of 60.80 against a dollar. This is really a negative news for Indian economy. There are so many reasons for the  fall of rupee against dollar. One of the main reason is dollar is very much in these days and thus almost all other currencies from various countries fell down very badly. So not only rupee, but also other global currencies like Japanese Yen and other currencies like Euro, pound all were fell down.

The other reason of rupee fall is many foreign institutional investors  have sold their positions in the Indian bond market, and because of huge selling pressure in the bond market, rupee falls.

  • At present time the main reason of rupees fall is that there is the most top demand of dollar for payment at the end of the month.
  • The second reason for this issue is that the foreign institutions are withdrawing their money from our Indian share market.
  • The third reason of this great fall of Indian rupees is that it is the indication of fed reserve on withdraw of encouraging package in America.

From the above video we can have the brief history about fall of our Indian  rupee:-